High Quality, No Fuss

Our mission is to build quality air filters at an affordable price to keep people safe and industries
thriving. We are thinking beyond the filter to protect the people and processes that power the
world. AirX filters are tested to meet NAFA filtration technology guidelines. We take quality very
seriously and there is no detail overlooked.


  • Designed to minimize initial resistance to airflow. The Washable filter reduces the number of pollutants and includes anti-microbial polymeric protection. Specially designed drainage ports in the filter frame allow dirt to flush away during the wash process.

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  • The MERV 8 filter offers excellent air filtration for your home. A MERV 8 air filter would be good for a family that doesn’t smoke, doesn’t have pets, and doesn’t have bad allergies.

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  • MERV 8 with carbon media offers excellent air filtration for your home. The specialized media in the filter attracts and captures odor carrying particles and gases, and is the perfect solution for pet owners and smokers.

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  • A MERV 11 filter reduces pet dander, dust, pollen and other particles that are present in your home. People with pets and/or light allergies, would greatly benefit from a more advanced filtration.

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  • A MERV 11 filter with 65% more filter media that greatly improves airflow while reducing potentially harmful pollutants like dust, pollen, mold spores, and more. This is the perfect filter for all HVAC systems, especially those that are older and more sensitive to airflow restriction.

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  • A MERV 13 filter that’s the ultimate solution to air quality concerns in your home. This filter removes 90% of particles from 1-3 microns in size, including bacteria and viruses. This filter is perfect for those with respiratory issues and those who want healthier indoor air.

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Tested according to ASHRAE’s 52.2 standard.
Proud member of NAFA.



Ensuring that your filter fits
properly in your HVAC system.



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Our company is staffed by mothers, fathers, animal lovers and sports
enthusiasts. The one thing that brings us all together? Clean air.

Every day, our employees walk into our office with one purpose and
one purpose alone – to build quality air filters to meet the needs of your family.
From engineering to marketing, from assembly to packaging, we guarantee
our products 100% from manufacturing to installation.